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  • University of Virginia's Campus Reeling over Sexual Assault Allegations

    Lance King/Getty Images(CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.) -- Students at the University of Virginia on Monday praised the school's decision to suspend all fraternities and sororities in the wake of a report about a shocking sexual assault at a frat party.

    The Greek life at the school was suspended by university President Teresa Sullivan after rape accusations were detailed in a Rolling Stone article. The report sparked weekend protests on the Charlottesville campus.

    Tommy Reid, the president of the school’s inter-fraternity council, said that ending sexual assault on campus can’t be done by frat brothers alone.

  • Ferguson Grand Jury Still at Work

    Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images(ST. LOUIS) -- A grand jury in St. Louis County, Missouri, is expected to reconvene on Monday, trying to decide whether to indict a white police officer in the August shooting death of an unarmed black teen.

    The weekend was marked by protests in the city of Ferguson, with security tight and tensions running high ahead of the grand jury’s decision. Many people were expecting the grand jury to come to a decision over the weekend.

    While the jurors debate possible criminal charges against officer Darren Wilson, additional law enforcement...

  • Obama and Holder Plea for Calm Ahead of Ferguson Decision

    JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- With a grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting death not expected until Monday at the earliest, both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have issued pleas for a calm and measured response to the verdict.

    The grand jury, which convenes again Monday, will determine what charges, if any, to bring against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Last August 9, Wilson shot Brown, who was unarmed, six times following an altercation.

    The racially-charged incident touched off confrontations between the African-American community and law enforcement officers and many...

  • Maddie & Tae Confess They're Frugal, Domestic, Neat Freaks

    New duo Maddie & Tae might take aim at some of the cliches about women in country music in their first top five hit, but the pair confess they are much more put together than any “Girl in a Country Song.” Furthermore, the duo is well-matched, since they’re both neat freaks.

    “On the road, oh my gosh, it's so awesome,” Maddie says.  “We both have our toiletry bag and then we've got our sections of PJs and jeans and…  it's just really nice to not have clutter everywhere… We're both kind of weird in...

  • Country Star Trivia

    Comstock/ThinkstockWhat was Little Big Town's first appearance on the country charts? ANSWER:  The foursome went to #33 with "Don't Waste My Time" in 2002.

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  • Josh Turner Adapts and Bends as He's Finishing His Sixth Album

    George HolzBy the time his new single “Lay Low” started climbing the charts several weeks ago, Josh Turner already had more than ten years of chart success under his belt. The 37-year-old believes he owes at least part of his good fortune to those who came before him.

    “I feel like you can learn a lot from artists who have had a really long career and that have had a lot of longevity,” he says. “The reason they've had that longevity is that they're willing to adapt and bend a little...